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Projet Remote Head moteur pas à pas

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Posté 10 janvier 2018 - 01:57

The cloth provides a 'cottony' feel that is favored over the polyester knits and rayon damasks used on mid-grade mattresses. The resurgence of chintz ticking was facilitated by updating the patterns and blending 70% polyester using the Best Futon Mattress Reviews.
Cotton polyester blends cover more flagship Mattresses; enhanced usage seen primarily affecting knits
Even though rayon damask or polyester knit tickings Dominate mid-priced mattress assortments, there is a renewed interest among retailers in chintz covers on flagship products.
These chintzes are usually being positioned By manufacturers and retailers as a "cottony" option to the top-level polyester knits and a few lower-grade rayon damasks located on mid-priced beds.
Contrary to the cotton covers utilized years back, these Chintzes are cotton-polyester combinations in vibrant, up-to-date designs. Golding and Culp both sell chintz tickings which have 70% polyester and 30% cotton material.
Greg Barbe, manager of advertising for Sealy, Noted, "What's new is we are using chintz on flaghip bedding. We are using chintz prints selectively in the premium and super-premium Posturepedic category. The colours and patterns are far more interesting than the outdated look that we've seen in the past with chintz. We are not switching through the entire line to chintz, but we believe there's a place for it."
Laurie Mills, product manager of bedding Sales for Smith's Home Furnishings, an 11-unit chain based in Portland, Ore., has performed well with three chintz-clad mattresses in its own forty-bed assortment.
Mills noted that the "cottony" texture Of chintz allure to some clients who do not like the "slippery" sense of knits. "It is not nearly as vital as a damask, but it's something to throw into the mix. It's a different, softer feel. People purchase the chintz mattresses because the texture just like a sheet. It feels more cottony. It is not that slippery, shiny knit look." She explained.
Don Svenby, bedding purchaser for Webergs, a 20-store chain based in Denver, said, "The style that you get with a few of the chintzes has made them perform well. They have only a bit more distinctive patterns." The shop carries chintz-clad beds at the $499 to $799 range for a queen size.
Ted Metas, owner of The Mattress Store, a Two-unit shop based in West Los Angeles, Cal., stated those styles add variety to the mix of blue and peach mid-priced beds onto his floor.
"I believe you have to have a mixture of Covers on the ground. Though we have come along way, the mattress tickings are fairly dull. With chintz, the consumer walks into the shop and sees some genuinely innovative and traditional looks. I am enthusiastic about the potential of it. From the few applications I've seen, there's been a fantastic response to it," he said. Mills of Smith's agreed, "It helps create for a variety of looks. Everything is not a sea of peach and blue damask."
Barbe of Sealy noted, "These new designs Have allowed us to position chintz over knits. Some customers continue to be hesitant about the snag possibility of the knits." The business is using chintzes on beds ranging from $499 queens--the peak price point for beds with polyester knit covers--to $999. Other producers feature chintz in their domestic product lines comprise Serta, Restonic and Englander.
Even though Simmons and Spring Air don't feature A bed in their lines using a chintz ticking, the two firms offer you an range of chintz covers on a regional basis.
Ron Passaglia, executive vice president of Marketing for Simmons, mentioned, "I believe it has potential. It's interest. I really don't think that it's at the point where it's going to take over damask. It is more of a specialized department store featured item in certain areas."
Mills of Smith's added. "Chintz is a great Option to lower-priced damasks which are sometimes inflexible. They belong at the $699 to $849 range. They're not the least expensive by any stretch, but they're not the most costly. I really don't think that we'd place a chintz on our most expensive beds. The client perceives the damasks as more costly."
Metas of this Mattress Store, nevertheless, stated the Vibrant prints of chintzes and their soft "hand" make them appropriate for plush mid-range to luxury bedding. "We have a bed in a flowery |Monet' design. We inform our customers it is not just a bed, it's art. I am fond of chintzes because of the feel. It lends itself to the plusher looking bedding, which is surely the way the industry is going. I believe that the program is toward mid- to upper-priced beds from $899 to $1,299." Of the fifty five beds in his shop, four have chintz covers.
Englander is among the matters manufacturers Employing these fashion-forward chintzes on plush, luxury bedding, such as quilted pillow-top mattresses. The business recently updated its Featherest mattress ($1,495) using a chintz-covered down-filled pillowtop. The company already provides its $499 American Spirit mattress in chintz.
Roger Jasperson, president of Englander, said Chintz is well suited to bedding. "This will be the first launch at the price point," he added. "I think it's got an outstanding texture. I think there may be a fantastic growth in chintz covers; it has got a great hand and they've managed to think of a lot of color."
Even though the retailers and manufacturers agreed That there is a "cottony" or even "natural" selling story behind chintz, they voiced a few reservations regarding the newness and durability of this recent crop of chintz covers.
Andy Schiffman, vice president of White's, a Five-store chain based in Columbus, which carries two chintz models, noted, "I would experimentation with chintzes. I believe that the eye appeal, the gentle hand, the esthetic value of this material has a certain inherent price, but we actually don't have a track listing on that queen size futon mattress."
Metas of this Mattress Store additionally noted that The durability of chintz compared to damasks "is an area that gives me some cause for concern. Customers do not understand them to be as permanent as the damasks, but I do not actually have a background on the cover to inform you how it is going to last." Barbe of Sealy stated while the durability of chintz is a concern, tests "have shown that chintz is going to be as durable as the damasks."
1 bedding executive stated the quality and Availability of lower-priced damasks have improved dramatically using the chintzes. He said while It's unlikely that chintzes would replace damasks or even Retail flooring, their increased use could possibly be at the expense of the knits.

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Posté 10 janvier 2018 - 08:49

welcome :)


bon j'ai déplacer ton sujet dans la présentation, il serais bien de reprendre une partie et de faire un vrai topic. 

Essaie de mettre plus de détails. (genre le schéma). 



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Posté 10 janvier 2018 - 10:01

Merci d'utiliser un langage simple car comme je vous l'ai dit je suis complètement novice.

Oui, bien sûr !
Sinon, "remote head motorisé", "un pour le pan et un pour le tilt". Pourrais-tu préciser ?

Bienvenue !
Ma chaine vidéo YouTube :

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Posté 10 janvier 2018 - 10:13

J'ai un doute sur le fait que ton moteur de lève vitre soit un moteur pas à pas ...

As tu les caractéristiques de tes moteurs ? 

Doit tu nécessairement utiliser une manette de PS2 ou si tu avais juste un Joystick ça t'irait ? 

L'ensemble doit il être piloté sans fil ou pas ?  

As tu de l'énergie / une alimentation à disposition ? 

Si mon commentaire vous a plus laissez nous un avis  !  :thank_you:

Nouveau sur Robot Maker ? 

Jetez un oeil aux blogs, aux tutoriels, aux ouvrages, au robotscope  aux articles,  à la boutique  et aux différents services disponible !


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