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Everyone's questions about Fishing Kayak

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Posté 12 août 2019 - 03:40

In the last article, we have shared with you many questions about fishing kayaking. Today, we will continue to share the top common questions for you to have the best preparation. Good luck!


Deciding the time to go fishing is very important. Most people do not know the right time togo. They consider  when is the best time to kayak. What about you? Let me tell you that you can do it any time during the day. You can kayak when you want, no matter it is early in the morning or in the afternoon. But do not go in the evening, it is dark.


What about the best place to go? Before fishing at a place, you should find out about the weather and the safety of it. After that, you can choose the best place for fishing. Kayaking is great if the wind is not strong and there is no foggy.


Once more question is “Can I see wildlife?”. Yes, the further you go, the more chances for you to see wildlife. You can see the big fish in the ocean. But there are many special kinds of fish which do not appear for us to see.


People also consider if thay can take a rest at an island during kayaking or not. For sure. You can move your kayak to the island s\during the fishing time, It is good to rest, as well as to be safe you want to sleep for a while.


Is that okey if using aphone during the kayaking? The answer is yes, but remember to make sure that is is safe for your phone. Do not make it wet or drop into the water.


Because we will enjoy going fishing on right the water’s surface, is that okey enough for your body? Is it too cold? It is not a big problem. The temperatures of water are from the 40 to 60,  the air temperatures are from the 60 to 80 (Fahrenheit).  It is not cold, not so hot, either.



Well, people also feel worried that they may get wet. Maybe, but when wearing a lifejacket, you can be safe. Using a sit-on-top kayak is also a good way to protect you from being wet.


The next question is really popular to any people. How many hours does it take for fishing on a kayak? It is often 3 - 4 hours. It depends on you, too. Do not go too far if you are a beginner.


Seasickness is really not a good experience. If it okey for me to go because I have seasickness? It is not a good thing to hear, but because the kayak is right up on the water surface, your seasickness will be lighter. You should also go with another to make sure you are okay.


Well, in case I want to buy a good kayak, how to do this? Let me show you, it is very easy to do with, you just need money. There are many kinds of kayaks, you can read our last articles to know how to choose a good fishing kayak. Top Fishing Kayak



For the beginner, using paddles is not a common thing to do.But it is very useful. Is it necessary to go with paddles? Yes, in fact using paddles is a great idea. You can feel better when fishing without fatigued two hands. 


One more special wuestion, it is important. Is it expensive for a fishing kayak? It is not expensive if you just rent one for fishing. It is expensive if you choose a good and famous brand one to buy.


What kinds of clothes are suitable for kayaking? Because you will spend time on the water, try to wear flexible and comfortable clothes. No high heels, no shoes at all.


You should choose light shirts and shorts which are spray with waterproof to make it safer on the water. Clothes of synthetic materials are a great choice. It means you can choose shirts and shorts which are made of nylon, polyester, gore-tex, spandex, and polypro. Synthetic materials are very good at keeping your body warm on the water. When it rains, you still can feel warm and will not be sick when coming back the land.


You should also bring the rain jackets, if it is raining, wear it can you can not be wet.


If you have a bag, choose clothes and save them in the bag for using later. But do not brings so many things.


Do not wear jeans because jeans are heavy, not useful when you are on the water. They are too heavy and make you feel tight at the legs.

Wear sandals to move easily.


You can also wear sunglass to protect your eyes from sunlight. But remember to choose the suitable, do not a too dark one, to make sure you can also see the boat in front of you.


“If I have a small bag, what I should bring?”. Besides the clothes you wear and some necessary for fishing such as a rod, you should also bring these things: a bottle of water, a snack, a hat, waterproof case, and medica.


28.Can I enjoy fishing kayaking if I am too fat?

Do not worry. The big kayak can hold a capacity of 600 pounds. The single one is suitable for a maximum of 350 pounds.


The last but not list question is that if it is safe for children to enjoy kayaking with his dad. If your child wants to go with you, let him do that. It safe because you have the lifejackets as well as good preparation. You can go in a group, with other boats, to have help when you need it. Good Fishing Kayak


Well, these questions are really common and we believe that you all can know what to do after reading all the questions above. We hope you can have a good kayaking and can haul a big fish! Good luck!


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Posté 12 août 2019 - 04:01

Kinect + détection de visage et de posture pour le suivi / retournement. 

Une arduino c'est très bien pour piloter le déplacement du robot, les moteurs, mais ce n'est pas du tout fait pour une partie vision comme une kinect contrairement à la raspberry pi 4 avec son USB 3 ou bien un mini ordinateur qui sont fait pour. 

il y a ce rapport de test pour piloter un moteur pas à pas
Ce comparatif entre moteur pas à pas et moteur cc
Ce châssis qui est sympas mais avec des moteurs cc

Ou ce robot complet avec des capteurs 

Si mon commentaire vous a plus laissez nous un avis  !  :thank_you:

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