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How to control a robot over the internet on

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Posté 02 février 2020 - 02:50

Using vigibot to control robots over the internet is very easy!

Go to ( If not already registered we suggest you to register in order to gain more permissions on robots ...)
At the top of the web page you have icons that show you all the robots that you can see.

Robots are happy when someone plays with them. The green icon represents the robot you are currently using!
For each robot, the robot name is followed by its "ping" in ms. The lower the number, the better the connection between the robot and the server! French people with the server in France easily have a latency of less than 30 ms!

Select another robot to control:
Sleeping robots are waiting for people to wake them up! To play with another robot, Just click on their head to do it!

The window that provides the video feedback from the camera is also a "joystick input".
By clicking and dragging it, you can move actuators such as cameras mounted on pan and tilt turrets and clamps. If you are using a touch screen, use it with several fingers simultaneously to control several actuators at the same time!

To move a robot, you can press keys like in video games when using a keyboard.
You can also click on the arrow icons (those around the joystick icon) to set a continuous speed. Several clicks increase the continuous speed and you can click on the center of the joystick to stop the robot. You can also click on the joystick icon and drag to move the robot.

You can even use a robot while viewing the video feedback from another robot's camera!
Indeed, if two robots are in the same room, use the lock / unlock button to lock and unlock the synchronization of the camera feedback with the robot control. When it is not locked, you will be able to control a robot from the video feedback coming from of the camera of another robot, which in certain cases will allow you to obtain a better angle of view for example ...

The website is compatible with smartphones, tablets and PCs:


Note : Each robot owner completely controls the permissions he gives to the different members of the site. If you don't have access to any robot, don't hesitate to kindly ask for permissions in the chat at the bottom of the site!

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