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Besoin d'idée pour faire un projet de robotique

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#1 Rikki Broughton

Rikki Broughton

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Posté 14 mai 2020 - 08:00

How to Sew with Sequins

Sequin fabric is a fun thing to wear as you can never get bored of it. Usually, when I wear it in some boring party, I play with the fabric all the time and that's how I pass my time. Jokes apart, sequin is an amazing fabric when you want to sew something formal or casual as well. Girls like to wear shirts or you can also prepare the home décor things out of it.

Today in this blog we are going to discuss the sequin fabric and how you can sew it easily by applying a few simple tips. After this it will be easy for you to handle the fabric as well you for the next time you will enjoy the sequin fabric sewing. With the help of the best basic sewing machine X6f5wTh.gif   your work will be much easier.


Sew sequin fabric on a sewing machine

Step 1 - Lining:

If you are dealing with the sequin for the first time then you must have no idea about how uncomfortable it can be sometimes. After wearing it you can understand so many things about certain fabrics and at the time of sewing, you can learn so many technical things about it as well. The lining is an important part of the sewing and a necessary element for a few fabrics.

Many people complain about how sequin is so uncomfortable after wearing it due to the fancy nature of it and how the lining is important to attach under this. Sequins can be really scratchy and it can make you uncomfortable in the event. Make sure that you are using the same color linings to attach to the sequin fabric at the time of sewing.

Step 2 - Simple Pattern:

Sequin Fabrics can be stretchy and this is the reason why you have to be careful when choosing a pattern for this. If you are choosing an inappropriate pattern for the fabric and in the end when you will try it out, due to the stretchy nature the whole alignment of the project will be out. First, analyze the look of the fabric and check whether it's a normal or stretchy one.

Once you are satisfied with the nature of the fabric, now you have to choose the simple pattern at the beginning stage. Choose something which can be done without going through certain complications and it should look professional in the shape. If you are sewing something for the home décor then choose straight sewing projects for the first time.

Step 3 - Mess:

Another problem you may go through at the time of sewing the sequin is that at the time of cutting, there will be a mess all around you. Sequins are like a chain and attached to each other in the same way. When you will start cutting the fabric to sew something out of it, you may see the sequins are everywhere around you. Keep your best entry level sewing machine on point to achieve the best results. Visit XxHxp2r.gif   for more information about the best sewing machines for beginners.

To save your sewing area from the mess, keep the cloth underneath the cutting area and when sequins are going to break from the cutting then they will fall off on the cloth. During the cutting session, you have to be careful because sequins can be quite tricky and you have to look at them through the pattern. I prefer to mark the cutting lines at the back of the fabric to avoid blunders.

Step 4 - Ironing:

Sequins seem to be hard and strongly attached to the fabric but excessive fabric or cleaning by a washing machine can damage the alignment as well as look. The heat from the iron can damage the sequin so once you are done with the sewing, you have to be a little cautious when using iron on the sequins to make the hem or any bulky area flat.

Some sewers like to remove the sequins from the seam area to avoid the whole pressing damage problem but it needs expert skills to prevent the fabric from damage or tearing at the time of removing sequins. You can press the seams by putting the press cloth first on the fabric and then use the iron over it. You can also use a rolling pin or other pressing equipment on the fabric as well.

Step 5 - Top Stitching:

Topstitching is a controversial topic in the sewing world because some of the sewers say that you can use topstitching on almost any kind of fabric but some strictly avoid it. In the beginning, it may happen that due to the delicate nature of the fabric, topstitching can damage the project and it can make your stitching weak as well.


Tips to sew sequin fabric

While attempting something like topstitching with the sequin fabric, you need to make sure that the stitches are being done by the hand. The machine is not suitable for this kind of project because it will confuse you and will create complications for you in the middle of the work. You can even try the topstitching on the piece of sequin and you will be able to see how it’s not going to work

Step 6 - Use The Right Sewing Machine:

Don’t use the serger on the sequin fabric as it will damage the blade and it will cost you a lot repairing it or replacing it. In terms of using the needle, then I recommend using the leather needle for strong and reliable stitching. Sequins are strong enough to dull the blade even it’s a cutting tool or sewing tool. Cut the sequin fabric with the rotary cutter and cut the blade before using it.

Due to the stretchy nature of the sequin, your stitch may stretch as well but still, you don't have to use the serger. You can try a narrow zigzag stitch and it will work fine to provide strength to the whole work.

If you have best rated sewing machines for beginners then you don't have to go through the complications of handling. Visit  2fu9CPs.gif for more info and guidance.

Last Words

After the first sequin project, you will be able to understand a lot more about the project. If you will attempt it again after some time then you will not repeat the same mistakes as you did before. In the first attempt, you may have to go through certain complications and you may take time to actually understand the whole pattern but once you are done, you are going to enjoy this work.

#2 Ludovic Dille

Ludovic Dille


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Posté 14 mai 2020 - 09:02


Il nous faudrait plus d'infos sur ce que tu veux réaliser/tes moyens :)


#3 Sandro


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Posté 14 mai 2020 - 09:23


juste comme ça, sans plus d'infos, je dirais qu'un bras (au sens manipulateur, pas bras humain) est bien plus facile (pas de notion d'équilibre).

Après, tout dépend de ce que tu souhaites précisément. Entre un bras précis aux centième de mm et un humanoïde à grand pieds qui arrive vaguement à claudiquer, je pense que l'humanoïde sera plus facile à réaliser)

#4 pmdd


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Posté 14 mai 2020 - 09:28



Si tu cherches un projet original, tu peux en trouver ici https://www.robot-ma...ques-originaux/


Et toutes les nouvelles idées sont bonnes à prendre...

#5 Oracid


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Posté 14 mai 2020 - 10:51

Dans chaque catégorie, on peut faire des choses plus ou moins complexes.

Mais on peut admettre que l'ordre du facile au complexe serait les roulants, les quadrupèdes, puis les bipèdes.

Le bras ou membre articulé est une étude intéressante car elle pourra être reprise dans les quadrupèdes et les bipèdes.

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