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Help - Freemove Car Kit on Vigibot

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Posté 13 janvier 2022 - 10:34


With some specific examples :


L9110 is a board that use PwmPwm,  the driver have only inA and inB, reversing those inputs reverse the motor direction.
L298 is a board that use PwmDirDir, the driver have a PWM/enable  + inA and InB.  For the particular case we can use PwmPwm if enable pin is forced to " run state " 
Cytron is a board tha use PwmDir, the driver have only two inputs, pwm and direction. Pwm mode alone can be used if you don't need to reverse the direction of the motor.
Servo driveris a board that require the same servo signal as for servo with only one input. 
PCA servo can be used to drive servomotors or any other of the board above by setting correctly the gpio and type and specifying pca address

PCA with motor driver included  this one include pca board + t6612fng woking with PwmDirDir mode.

You need to understand what are the different mode available, and understand how is working the board you want to use. The you just have to choose the matching one =)  


( And thank you for the translation ;) )



Added these examples too :)



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